What is the full form of ITES?

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ITES: Information Technology Enabled Services

The full form of ITES is Information Technology Enabled Services. It is also called web-enabled services or remote or teleworking services. Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) include a wide variety of operations that use information technology to improve the efficiency of an organization. These services offer a wide range of career options including call center, medical transcription, medical billing and coding opportunities, administrative operations, order processing, legal databases, content development, payroll, logistics management, GIS ( Geographic Information System), Human Resources (HR) Services, web services, etc. Most of the world’s large companies prefer India to outsource ITES. The Philippines is also a popular destination for ITES. This is due to the availability of relatively cheaper and more talented labor, which helps reduce costs and improve service standards. If a company receives similar services from a developed country, it will require a minimum price of three or four times compared to India or the Philippines.

Other full forms of ITES

Full FormCategory
Information and Technology Essential StandardsTechnology
Information Technology Engineering ServicesEngineering
Information Technology Enterprise SolutionsMilitary
Information Technology Essential StandardsTechnology
Institute For Tropical Ecosystem StudiesInstitutes
International Teacher Exchange ServicesOrganizations
International Test & Engineering ServicesCompanies
International Tidal Energy SummitEnergy