What is the Full Form of VISA

What is the full form of VISA, what is VISA, how to make VISA, why VISA is required,  how many types of visas are there, how to apply VISA, documents required to make VISA. If you too are looking for answers of these questions, then read this post completely.
Many people want to roam in other countries or many people just want to know for knowledge what is the process of going to any other country. Whenever we talk about the process of moving from one country to another, then 2 words Passport and Visa come in front of as.

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What is VISA Full Form and what are the types of VISA?

First, discuss what VISA is, let me tell you the full form of Visa, VISA full form is “Visitors International Stay Admission”.For a person coming from any other country, VISA would be a permit letter like the government of that country, which gives you the permit that how many days you can stay on their country, where you can go in that country or that What can you do in the country?

The number of days a person can stay in a foreign country, what he can do and where he can go, all depends on what kind of visa that person has.

There are also many types VISA such as

Journalist Visa
Student visa
Residence Visa
Business Visa
Employment Visa
Tourist Visa
Medical visa
Research visa
Medical visa

How to get Visa made – How to apply for Visa

When a country allows a foreign person to come to their country, the document related to it is called Visa. Most fast countries allow their visa to enter their country by stamping the visa on the passport, but there are some countries where to go One has to apply for a separate visa.

Apart from this, there are some countries where Indians do not need a visa to go, we will talk about it further in the post. Now let’s talk about how to get a visa. Friends, the VISA process is the same for most countries.

To get a VISA, you must have a Passport of your country which is not very old, that is, the expire date of your passport is not within 6 months. Therefore, first of all make Passport.

After that, to get an appointment from the embassy of the country you want to build VISA, find their online site and then fill your information on their site, thus your appointment will be received.

In the appointment message, you will get the date & time as well as the address. Now attend your appointment at that address along with your passport and necessary documents.

In Embassy, ​​an interview will be taken first and then after that your bio-metrics, fingerprints and digital image will be taken and then in a while you will get the response of getting VISA or not.
If those people agree to give you VISA, then a date will be given to you on which day you can collect your VISA.

I hope you have liked what this VISA full form is – what is VISA and how to get a visa made. If you have any question or suggestion related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.

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