Full Form of email – What is the full form of email ?

Full Form of email

Full Form of email is Electronic mail  “e-mail”. Through email we can communicate, send and receive mail electronically between two people via internet. It is an unique identifier or email address for specific email id. Email is invented by Ray Tomlinson.

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World Most Popular Email provider

Rediff mail
Zoho mail

How Email work

Email provider provides a unique email address. It is a address in which we send and receive mail like in real world home address. Email providers provide a text editor in which we type or message add pictures and files. 

How to make your own email server

For your own email server like Gmail you need a domain name and hosting (Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting). We are not going in detail how to setup cloud host and connect domain to your cloud hosting like Digital Ocean, Google cloud and etc. There are so many tutorials on a web just google it.

After properly setup cloud host with your domain. Follow these steps to install email server.

First you have to login you cloud hosting through SSH Client like Putty and update you package through this command.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

After update to reboot the server with sudo reboot command

Now we install email server in our cloud hosting to install use this command in your terminal window

curl -s https://mailinabox.email/setup.sh | sudo bash

It will download the package and start the GUI installation wizard you can use arrow keys to navigate mouse not work.

After all the steps complete you can see prompted with this message in the terminal output.

Your Mail-in-a-Box is running.

Please log in to the control panel for further instructions at:


the certificate fingerprint matches:


Now you can access your email server control panel through https://box.example.com/admin

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