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The full form of URL is “Uniform Resource Locator“. A URL is the address of a resource, which can be a specific webpage or a file on the Internet. When a URL is used with http, it is known as a web address. URL is a specific character string used to access data from the World Wide Web (WWW). Each valid URL points to a unique resource. Such resources can be an HTML page, a CSS document, an image, etc. It was created in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee. It is a type of URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

Each URL contains the following information:

  • Protocols (http or https).
  • A semicolon (:), two slashes(//).
  • A host, usually called a domain name.
  • A colon followed by a port number..
  • Absolute path to the resource.

A URL can be entered by typing it into the address bar of your web browser. If the URL does not contain a valid server, a browser may display a ” Server not found” error and if the path in the URL is incorrect, the browser may display a “404 error”. A URL does not contain spaces and uses forward slashes to represent different directories. So, dashes and underscores are used to separate web address words.

url example

Example of URL

Example 1: https://ifullform.com/internet/www-full-form/

  • The protocol is https. Facebook uses HTTPS (the secure version of HTTP) because you have to be logged-in to use it, and because they store and use a lot of your personal data and information.
  • The TLD is .com, indicating that Facebook is probably a commercial site (it is).
  • The domain name is ifullform.com.
  • They are using the www subdomain. Probably for usability reasons (some people still expect all domains names to begin with www, even though it isn’t necessary).
  • The path is internet/www-full-form, which identifies a specific resource on their server.

Example 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet#Terminology

  • The protocol is https.
  • The TLD is .org, indicating that the domain is probably run by a non-profit organization. (That is not always true, but in this case it is.)
  • The domain name is wikipedia.org.
  • The subdomain is en. Wikipedia uses language-code subdomains. This URL is for an English-language article.
  • The path is /wiki/Internet. This identifies the specific resource (the wiki article on the Internet) on Wikipedia’s server.
  • This URL has a named anchor#Terminology. This indicates that the URL is not just for a specific document, but for a specific place within that document. IF you followed this link, the page would be scrolled down to the “Terminology” section, rather than the top of the page.