URI Full Form

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URI’s full form is Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a general term for all names and addresses that show objects on the World Wide Web (www). It is usually a sequence of characters that identifies the name and location of a logical resource or a file or resource in a similar format.

Types Of URIs

URI Types

As mentioned in the above figure, there are two types of URI:

  1. URLURL (Uniform Resource Locator) specifies a location on the computer network and technique for retrieving it.
  2. URN: URN (Uniform Resource Name) is an internet resource that specifies URN scheme.

Difference between URI and URL


Here are the main differences between URI and URL:

URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.
A URI is a superset of URL that identifies a resource either by URL or URN (Uniform Resource Name) or both.URL is a subset of URI that specifies where a resource is exists and the mechanism for retrieving it.
The main aim of URI is to find a resource and differentiate it from other resources using either name or location.The main aim is to get the location or address of a resource
Used in HTML, XML and other files XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) and more.URL is used to locate only web pages
In URI, the scheme may be anything like a protocol, specification, name, etc.The scheme must be a protocol like HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, etc.
There is no protocol information given in URI.Protocol information is given in the URL.
Example of URI:
Example of URL: https://google.com
It contains components like scheme, authority, path, query, fragment component, etc.It contains components such as protocol, domain, path, hash, query string, etc.
Not all URIs are URLs since a URI can be a name instead of a locator.All URLs can be URIs