full form of SGPT-What is the full form of SGPT?

SPGT is an enzyme commonly found in the liver and the full form of SPGT is Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase. When the liver is damaged or injured due to poor health, liver diseases like hepatitis or jaundice then SPGT enzyme released into the bloodstream.

After the SPGT enzyme is released into the bloodstream SPGT level is increased in the blood. That is why doctors perform SPGT tests, when someone suffer from liver disease. In the SPGT test lab doctor calculate the level of SPGT enzyme in the blood to check how badly your liver is damaged.

The normal range of SGPT in the human body

Normal Range = 10-56 units/lit

Roughly SGPT range is 10-56 units per liter of serum but is different depending on the procedures to calculate SPGT by various labs. Above the normal range of SPGT is the sign of liver disease.

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Features of SPGT test

SPGT test determines the overall liver health.

With the SPGT test doctor calculate how much liver has been damaged with the basis of SPGT level.

High level of SPGT classified disease as hepatitis A and B, hepatitis C or jaundice.

SPGT test calculates Liver status how much the liver work. 

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