Full Form of RIP – What is the full form of RIP?

The Full form of RIP is “Rest In Peace”, In hind RIP means “शांति से आराम करो”. When someone says goodbye to this world means he or she died, in the response to that people pray or to give tribute to that person like they write on social network site or say RIP “Rest In Peace”. In recent times, this is more common when some popular persons died every buddy give him a tribute to say RIP.

Commonly RIP or Rest In Peace used in western countries, It was written on the gravestone to find peace when they died and it is called rest in peace

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History of RIP

The term RIP was first used in Western countries around the 15 or 16th century. The evidence of this is found in a gravestone.

After the Christian people buried him to pay their respects to the dead person, R.I.P. Let’s write Gradually, this word came into vogue all over the world.

Currently, the term RIP is most commonly used to convey tribute to the dead person.

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