Full Form of OK – What is the full form of OK?

Full form of OK is “Oll Korrect” or “Olla Kalla”. OK word is used in normal conversation in a daily basis even in non English country, when we agree with someone we say ok. OK stand for agree, acceptance, or approval. OK word is the most spoken word after Hello.

Do you know full form of ATM

For Conversation example

Phone Conversation
Men 1 :  Hello
Men 2 :  Hi, what's up men
Men 2 :  Nothing
Men 1 :  ok
--- Chatting continue
Men 2 : We are going on long drive, you can join us
Men 1 : ok thanks men

Origin of OK

OK is a English word which means All Correct, but origin is ok is unknown. First ok is trace back in 1839 New York based News Paper Boston Morning Post .

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