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Friends, as we know that in today’s time there are many such diseases which can prove fatal for us. HIV is also one such deadly disease, about which I told you in one such post.

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HIV Full Form – What are HIV Symptoms?

Confusion of many people is whether HIV and AIDS is different or not and there is a difference between the two. So let’s remove this confusion and know what is AIDS Full Form iand what are AIDS Symptoms.

What is AIDS Full Form and what is AIDS?

AIDS Stands For “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)”. In this disease, Virus is acquired on a person’s Immune, which causes a decrease in Immune system and more chance of developing other symptoms of the disease.

HIV infection is divided into three stages – Acute HIV Infection, Chronic HIV Infection and AIDS / Advanced Infection. When HIV infection increases significantly, it reaches its last stage and turns to AIDS.

The HIV Virus in your body damages your Immune System, which reduces the number of T-Cells in your body. Due to which it becomes very fatal for you and your expectations are very low.

What is AIDS Symptoms?

Following are the AIDS Symptoms-

Recurrent fever
Sore throat
Go red on the body
Body fatigue
Joint pain at an early age
Aching muscles
Swollen glands
Regular occurrence of weight
Night sweats
Vomiting after eating
Causes of AIDS outbreak

There are many reasons for spreading AIDS and most of these are very important. Here I am telling you some of the main reasons for the spread of AIDS.

Sexual relations – If you make sexual relations with an infected person without any protection, then you can also get infected.
Infected blood – If you are given blood from an infected person, then you can also get infected.
From Syringe – It is also an infection caused by the needil of previously used Syringe.
Mother to child – This infection can spread from a mother to her child either by delivery or breastfeeding.

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