What is the Full Form of ABVP?

In this article we discuss what is the full form of ABVP, how ABVP formed , why ABVP relate to BJP and RSS . All the question related to ABVP are cover in this article.

What is the Full Form of ABVP

Full Form of ABVP : Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. ABVP is an student origination under RSS. It is the largest student origination (Number of registered student) around the world in democratic country. In Indian politic ABVP play a important role because many of the BJP leaders like our Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Dharmendra Pradhan, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Giriraj Singh, Ashwini Choubey, and Piyush Goyal and also BJP president J.P. Nadda all are the member of ABVP at their student time.

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How ABVP Formed

ABVP was founded by some RSS activist like Balraj Madhok on 9 July 1949. Their first president was Professor Yashwantrao Kelkar of Bombay University and their slogan is student power is the nation power. ABVP primary moto was build a nationalist moment in school and collage campus at the time most of the student influence by Communism.

Now ABVP has more then 3.2 million active member and increasing very fast. Most of the youth has fallow Mr Narandra Modi Prime minister of India and BJP leader so more and more student influence to join ABVP.

ABVP Working Model

ABVP not just a student political organization who setup in collage campus. They work on city level and help other people and rise voice various political issue. In the Covid pandemic time all the country are in lock down, they help people to face difficulty in the lock-down rise fund and donate in PM care funds. Distribute food package.

Even they volunteer in various natural events like earth quick, covid 19 pandemic and other.

In ABVP their are many wings according to student need so their reach in almost all the student like for art and culture they provide a platform ‘Rashtriya Kala Manch’. For tech and research student like who study in IITs, NITs they provide a ‘shodh’ and ‘think india’. For agriculature and medical student they provide ‘Agrivision’ and ‘Medivision’.

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